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Spoon Friday April 20, 2007 Carnegie Mellon University Spring Carnival Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Oakley Hall, Weird Paul Band

My Mathematical Mind/Don't You Evah/Lines In The Suit/Stay Don't Go/Fitted Shirt/In The Right Place The Right Time/Rhthm And Soul/Don't Make Me A Target/I Turn My Camera On/Something Something/The Beast And Dragon Adored/Me And The Bean/The Two Sides Of Monsieur Valentine/They Never Got You/I Summon You/The Way We Get By/Mountain To Sound

Encore: Jonathan Fisk/Small Stakes

A quick note to hughshows readers:

This is the first concert where I took my banging new camera! It's gonna' definitely take me awhile to use it properly.

A free show on the campus of CMU. Being on a beautiful spring night made it even better.

First on the bill was local underground legend Weird Paul. I never saw him perform and damn if he wasn't great. He has something like 600 tunes recorded with an unflappable DIY ethos. With song titles such as 'You Wish I Were a Nympho', 'Steve Austin Ripped Off Bigfoot's Arm', and the classic 'Piece Of Meat In The Tang'! it is literally impossible not to have a good time at his show. It took him almost as long to introduce the nine second opus 'Pay For Your Tacos Quickly and Securely' than to actually play it. Good times.

At this point in the show I was chillin' back by the soundboard when I spotted Spoon's keyboardist/guitarist Eric Harvey. I showed him my artwork and he told me he would sign it only if I promise not to put it up on EBAY.  Okay.... Then he told me to stay put, he would get the rest of the band to come over and sign my stuff. Cool! Yeah, real cool...I waited during the entire Oakley Hall set (why I have zero shots of them. They were good BTW) and dude totally blew me off. I would have been pissed but then I spot the rest of the band individually milling through the crowd and all is good.

The band sounded fantastic. They played a tight set and the mix was perfect.

So as Britt is signing my stuff he also asks me if my intentions are EBAY-like? What the hell dude, it's not like your John Lennon? Very rarely do I get musicians inquiring if I'm an EBAY-whore. Most of the bands I see wouldn't get much for their signatures anyway. The next time an artist brings it up, I'm gonna go, "Yeah, all this shit's going right up on EBAY! Maybe I can put a down payment on a soiled condom with it". Seriously, they're not THAT popular. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate them doing it but the egoooooo...

Spoon (sans Joshua Zarbo) autographed Gimme Fiction CD cover

Spoon autographed Britt Daniel hand-written setlist


Spoon autographed print



Post-Gazette Blurb:

Thursday April 20, 2007

As mentioned in a recent Pop Noise blog  ABConcerts at Carnegie Mellon has done a great job filling the concert void with recent shows by the likes of Deerhunter, Sophe Lux and Clockcleaner. It continues to spend its money wisely with the free carnival show on the lawn featuring respected Austin indie-rock band Spoon. It's been two years since the last record, "Gimme Fiction," but a new Spoon record, "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga," is due July 10. Britt Daniel tells Rolling Stone that they wanted to make it sound "thrilling" and even enlisted producer Jon Brion (Fiona Apple, Kanye West) to produce one track. The show begins at 8 p.m. with Weird Paul and Oakley Hall.

From the Post-Gazette's Scott Mervis' music blog

April 23, 2007

 I managed to catch Spoon for the CMU carnival show on Friday night and it was another good choice for ABConcerts (which, in the past few years, has presented the Shins, N.E.R.D., Fugazi and Superchunk). The Austin indie band played a set of jagged but melodic guitar pop filled with college radio staples like "I Turn My Camera On" and "My Mathematical Mind." From where I stood, singer Britt Daniel looked like Bryan Adams and sounded a lot like John Lennon. My favorite parts were the indulgences into guitar noise a la Sonic Youth. Word is, the band hung out at the Brillobox after the show.

I am still kicking myself for not picking up a Weird Paul CD. Next time, my man!


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